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Irregular Choice will blow your socks off. Never has non-conformity been so fun and colourful. These are women’s shoes you have never seen before. Or if you have - congratulations, then you know what is hot and trendy. Extravagance and individuality are the hallmarks of Irregular Choice women’s shoes. Forget the mainstream - this is fashion for your feet the way you know it from womenswear: totally unique, lots of style and interesting variations. That is the way to stand out from the crowd and put on a style that is your own. Irregular Choice is hip and young, footwear fashion for women who like to make a grand gesture when it comes to style. The shoes by Irregular Choice express your individuality and ensure envious glances. Combined with classy basics, they are the highlight of your outfit. Irregular Choice focuses on unusual and striking creations that combine style and quality. Opulent designs make these shoes an eye-catcher. Loud colourful floral designs are paired with striped bows. A classic t-strap heel is updated from its boring conventionality to a fashion statement with pattern mixes that are not afraid to put a pastel polka dot beside lace effect textures. Silky bows adorn front and backs of the shoes, platform heels shine in gold and silver metallic. Heels are sculpted to look like porcelain flamingos or dainty teapots - this is footwear straight from Alice in Wonderland. Interesting materials and colors lift your style and lift your mood. You cannot be sad and wear these shoes. This is footwear fashion that loves life and screams joy. Get into the fun of fashion with your pair of Irregular Choice women’s shoes. Shopstyle has a comprehensive selection of the latest pairs. Your unique style is only a mouse-click away!
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