Motorola VerveOnes By True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Motorola VerveOnes By True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Enjoy next-level freedom with Motorola's completely wireless headphones. Charge them up in the pocket-sized portable charger, link it to your device through Bluetooth, and then pop them in your ears to lose yourself in rich HD audio. Not only does this pair make cabling a thing of the past, its Hubble Connect tech helps you find them if they're lost. This way, you have the convenience of wireless without fear of loss. Complete Wireless Freedom Charge up the portable charger then link this pair to your smart phone to get up to 12 hours of brilliant, Bluetooth-powered listening. Featuring 33 feet of wireless range, dual integrated mics for calls and full control of Siri and Google Now, you'll have all you need without pesky wires. There's a button on the buds to play and pause your tracks too, so you'll get your device out less often. Rich HD Audio Dive into deep bass, lush trebles and beautiful midranges with this pair's full HD sound. Whether you're powering your workout with heart-pumping dance, or focusing in the office with some smooth jazz, this pair will deliver awesome results. Better yet, there are six audio profiles (Bass, Live, Brilliant, Balanced, Rhythm, Moto Sound) to choose from so you can optimise certain genres. Also, the pass-through audio feature lets you decide how much ambient noise you hear. Never Lost With such wireless freedom, misplacing your VerveOnes may seem a risk. Using Hubble Connect for VerveLife, you can find the last place your pair were synched. This way, you'll always know where they are.

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