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How do you know you have made it as a fashion label? When the world calls your eponymous luxury fashion product only by its first name. “I love my Manolos” - no need to qualify that statement with the proper name of these iconic shoes. Every woman knows that “Manolos” are made by Manolo Blahnik. And every woman knows that shoes by Manolo Blahnik are the height of footwear fashion.
Unforgettable: the scene in Sex and the City when Carrie gets mugged and the mugger demands she take off her Manolos as well. Such is the power of the brand – as good as cash. Little Manolo would hardly have dreamed of such successes. Born into a well-to-do family and growing up on the Spanish island of La Palma, Manolo Blahnik was destined for a career as a diplomat. Upon arrival at the university of Geneva the young man changed his courses from politics and law to arts and architecture. And luckily he did, because thus he embarked on further studies at a Paris art school and eventually moved to London to work for fashion boutique Zapata. Later he met famous Vogue editor Diana Vreeland who encouraged him to work on shoe designs. The rest is history...
Hardly a Hollywood red carpet without Manolo Blahnik shoes on the delicate feet of the beautiful, famous and talented. But you don't need Hollywood credentials to become a star in your own right. The exclusive designer shoes transform every woman into a glamorous diva. The secret behind the success of Manolo Blahnik: He knows his designs, he knows his shoes – and he knows how they are made. Blahnik crafts his shoe models himself, carving the wooden prototype and sculpting the leather straps. Thus, Manolo Blahnik shoes are not throw-away designs, but carefully fashioned items of wearable art.
No wonder then that stiletto heels, sandals and pumps made by Manolo Blahnik cost a small fortune – the most coveted shoes in the world are worth their price. Compare styles and prices here at Shopstyle and invest in a cult item that will make you a Hollywood princess as soon as you slip your feet into them.
The exclusive designer shoes by Manolo Blahnik guarantee a sensational entrance at any event. Combine strappy sandals and classic stiletto heels by Manolo Blahnik to elegant evening wear and understated business looks. Sexy pumps and stiletto heels ennoble casual denim trousers while glamorous ankle boots and slippers look trendy with a knee-length skirt or sexy mini dress. Add matching accessories from the Manolo Blahnik range – such as delicate clutches – and complete the look.