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Givenchy is synonymous with elegance and haute couture. Impeccable, timeless design with clean lines and classic shapes. That has never changed even though Givenchy has been around for a while. The label founded by Hubert Givenchy was everywhere in the 1950s and 60s. Filmstars and celebrities flocked to the fashion house to be dressed by the designer. Style icons begged to wear Givenchy’s dresses. Audrey Hepburn wore Givenchy creations in many of her films, and Jackie Kennedy was a fan of the designer. Thus, Givenchy dresses graced the pages of magazines and took pride of place on the silver screen, cementing the couture status of the fashion house.
Nowadays, Givenchy has updated the look and feel of their collection to reach a fashion-conscious, younger audience. With strong blacks, dotted with colourful statement pieces, the collection appeals to young fashion lovers who appreciate the care and quality of a unique couture item and are willing to pay a little more. Givenchy Fashion is simply special - as special as the wearer. Givenchy designs never go out of fashion and make you look great, no matter which season and which occasion.
From the Pairs catwalk directly to your own wardrobe - Givenchy is ready for you. The label presents new collections every season, including a variety of styles and designs that will suit every woman’s taste. See for yourself and browse through the comprehensive selection of Givenchy women’s clothes on Shopstyle now.
If you are stylish and wish to wear outstanding couture for the special moments in your life, then Givenchy is for you! Whether you need a special outfit for a celebratory occasion or something casual to make you feel special on an ordinary day, the Givenchy collection has everything you need! Tailored leather skirts and leather jackets for a lunch date, unusually cut dresses for a spin at a formal function, or just some casual, sporty T-shirts and tops to make you feel like the fashion goddess you are - you can stand out with Givenchy clothing and make every day a special day.