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Beurer 3 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa
Beurer 3 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa 

The built in powerful water heater of the Beurer FB50 Multi-Functional 3 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa warms the water from cold and maintains the temperature at 5 different levels from 35 – 48°C letting you sit and relax for longer whilst the bubbles clean, refresh and detoxify your feet. Features massaging jets of water, infrared light and integrated magnetic field therapy for general wellbeing, removable massage roller attachments for the reflexology zone and 3 interchangeable and motorised pedicure attachments to preen and pamper your feet. 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee.

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Beurer Colour Change Aroma Diffuser
Beurer Colour Change Aroma Diffuser 

Sit back and watch the gentle lights glow whilst breathing in the sweet scents of your favourite aromas in the comfort of your own home. The Beurer LA 30 is the ideal aroma diffuser for any home that needs a little serenity and tranquillity. Aromatherapy is used to treat you holistically; balancing and harmonising your mind, body and soul to put you in tune with your body. If it’s stress at work, struggling to sleep or even just a little pick-me-up there are various oils that are crafted to uplift moods and promote a general positive feeling in your health and wellbeing. The Beurer LA30 Aroma Diffuser is a perfect way to diffuse the aromatic oils around your room. The device runs on extremely low energy (12 watts) which makes the Beurer LA30 a fantastic, efficient aroma diffuser. The diffuser runs near-silently and switches off automatically when it runs out of water, so you can sleep soundly. You also have the choice of using the Beurer LA30 Aroma Diffuser as a calming night light; when using it as a night light, it continuously glows a sequence of four LED colours that aid in keeping you relaxed while you breathe in your favourite aromas. The four LED colours are an ocean blue, a fresh emerald green, a ruby red and a glowing indigo.

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Beurer Heat Pad Hot Water Bottle
Beurer Heat Pad Hot Water Bottle 

The Beurer HK44 Heat Pad is the modern hot water bottle. Unlike traditional water-filled hot water bottles, the heat pad delivers consistent and controllable warmth throughout the entire duration of use. It’s safe to use as it reaches your temperature selection quickly and remains at that temperature up to 90 minutes with auto switch off, so no more of the ‘too hot’ then ‘too cold’ with a hot water bottle. The material is wonderfully soft and snuggly, breathable and skin-friendly. The fabrics used meet the requirements of Öko-Tex Standard 100. There are three temperature settings, allowing the heat to be adjusted individually. The fast heating function ensures that it is quickly ready for use. The electronic temperature regulation and the Beurer safety system (BSS) provide extra safety to ensure that the product doesn’t overheat. The controller can be removed and the product is machine washable on a delicate cycle at up to 30°C. Beurer of Ulm, Germany, was founded in 1919 and is synonymous with health and well-being. The company developed the first heat pads in Germany whilst today‘s range encompasses a wealth of products for health and well-being.

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Beurer Hc 80 Professional Hair Dryer, 2200W - Black/bronze
Beurer Hc 80 Professional Hair Dryer, 2200W - Black/bronze 

The Beurer Hc 80 Is Known For Its High Performance, Durability And Modern Compact Design. Its Great Advantage Is That It Can Adapt To Any Type Of Hair. Ion Offers A Triple Feature That Streamlines Styling. Comforts Ion Technology Is To Maintain The Hair Without Electrostatic Charges And Their Destruction Due To Negative Ions. When Drying Hair, You Can Set Two Speed Levels, Choose From Three Levels Of Temperature And Select The Ideal Combination For Your Hair.

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Beurer Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier
Beurer Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier 

The LB37 Beurer Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier keeps the air around you at the optimum level. With its ultrasound humidification technology, it is both energy efficient and extremely quiet. The 2 litre tank means it can humidify a room up to 20m squared, making this one of the most effective humidifiers available for personal use. It even includes a Night Mode for quieter operation and a dimmed operation panel so that your sleep will not be disrupted. Also suitable for use with aroma oils to gently fragrance your room, creating a soothing effect.

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Beurer 3 in 1 Mood & Reading Light
Beurer 3 in 1 Mood & Reading Light 

The Beurer 3-in-1 Wake Up Mood and Reading Light slowly brightens up your bedroom up to an hour before the alarm is set, recreating the sunrise you may experience in the summer. Using the example before your alarm goes off at 7am, this wake-up light will start to light up from 6am (you can set the time to suit you) with a very dimmed light, but over the set time it will get brighter and brighter so by 7am when you want to get up the light shall be at its brightest. By doing this it helps your body to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin and to start producing the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin, ensuring you're ready for the day. This light will also help you to enjoy a better night. The sunset simulation gently fades out the day, the soft melodic sounds and red dimmable light help you drift into the first sleep phase. For ease of use you can control it via the Beurer LightUp app. You can choose whether to wake up with a sunrise or your favourite tune and also set the brightness of the lamp.

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Beurer Mobile Heated Seat Pad
Beurer Mobile Heated Seat Pad 

The Beurer HK47 To Go Mobile Heated Seat Pad with Powerbank offers you warmth and comfort anytime and anywhere. Whether you're enjoying outdoor pursuits, relaxing at home or even travelling, you can feel the therapeutic effects of heat therapy. Convenient and easy to use, and with 3 temperature settings to select from, this seat pad is cordless. Equipped with a Powerbank battery pack, providing 2 hours of soothing heat. It is light to carry with a lovely soft cushion and the added practicality of a durable underside for longevity. For extra convenience you can charge your smartphone using the powerbank battery and a USB cable.

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Beurer Stomach Toning Belt
Beurer Stomach Toning Belt 

Beurer abdominal toning belt is an effective, easy-to-use stomach toning belt with Velcro fastening. Uses EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) technology to gently stimulate the central abdominal muscles and help you flatten and firm your tummy. LCD display with clear symbols. Countdown timer with remaining time. Adjustable intensity. Training memory function for continuous training control. The device must not be used by users of cardiac pacemakers, people with epilepsy, pregnant woman or people with cardiac arrhythmia. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. 3 year manufacturer's guarantee. Removable operating controls - belt can be hand washed.

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Beurer Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror
Beurer Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror 

Dual-sided illuminated cosmetic mirror with a high quality chrome finish.

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Beurer Cosy Foot Warmer
Beurer Cosy Foot Warmer 

The Beurer FW20 cosy foot warmer is made from especially soft and luxurious micro fibre fleece. Perfect for relaxing after a stressful day! Featuring BSS (Beurer Safety System), electronic temperature control, 3 illuminated temperature settings and automatic switch-off after approximately 90 minutes. Turbo rapid heat-up. Removable teddy fleece (hand washable) ensures super comfort and good hygiene.

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Beurer Shiatsu Back Massage Seat Cover
Beurer Shiatsu Back Massage Seat Cover 

This Beurer MG206HD Shiatsu massage seat cover has vertically moving and rotating massage heads which imitate the pressure and kneading motions of a Shiatsu massage, offering a powerful, intensive deep massage over the entire back. This light, extra slim cover is made from PU (faux) leather optics, soft velours and breathable mesh, and has flexible holding straps. Features a hanging system for storage in wardrobes. Extra slim and lightweight design. Rated output: approx. 18 watt. 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.

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Beurer Massaging Aroma Therapy Foot Spa
Beurer Massaging Aroma Therapy Foot Spa 

Home foot spa treatment with salon-style results from the Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa with heat, vibration, bubbles, aromatherapy and more. Move over boring foot baths and say hello to the next generation of at-home-spa-treatments with this Beurer Heated Foot Spa. Everything you need for an amazing home treatment. After a long stressful day on your feet; there’s nothing better than relaxing and receiving an intense foot massage to revitalise your feet. The removable aroma filter allows you to experience tranquillity when you need it most; you can add bath salts and crystals for your feet to bathe in; Lavender bath salts encourage a restful night’s sleep and also help to relieve pain and inflammation in your feet after a long and tiring day. The two massage functions that you can choose from help you to transcend from tranquillity to paradise; bubble massage and vibration massage. When you are taking pleasure in the bubble massage the infra-red light and water temperature is running; you have the option to switch on the vibration massage to help stimulate circulation to the feet. If you want to, you can experience yet another special massage; the foot spa has removable massage rollers that if you move your feet back and forth against the rollers you will encounter yet another invigorating stimulation on your feet.

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Beurer Hc50 Hair Dryer With Triple Ionic Function, 2200W - Black
Beurer Hc50 Hair Dryer With Triple Ionic Function, 2200W - Black 

Introducing The Beurer Hc50, An Outstanding Hair Dryer Which Has A Triple Ionic Funtion That Ensures Personalised Use With Different Hair Types. The Beurer Hc50 Is Designed To Offer Colour Protection To Retain The Brilliance Of Your Features Triple Ionic Function - Optional 3-Stage Ion Function For Personalised Use With Every Hair Type And Ion Technology For Sleek And Shiny Hair. The Protection Function Protects Your Hair And Retains The Colour Brilliance. There Is A Lockable Cold Air Setting For Long Lasting Styling, 3 Heat Levels And 2 Fan Speeds. It Also Features A Narrow Professional Nozzle And Volume Diffuser. The Safety Filter Is Removable For Easy Cleaning And It Has Automatic Overheat Protection To Ensure Safe Use.

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Beurer Hs80 High End Hair Straighteners
Beurer Hs80 High End Hair Straighteners 

Triple Ionic Function -Optional 3-Stage Ion Function For Personalised Use With Every Hair Typeion Technology For Sleek And Shiny Hairtitanium Coating - For The Protection Of The Hairthe Protection Function Protects Your Hair And Retains The Colour Brilliancememory Function To Save The Temperature Settingvariable Temperature Controls 100 - 220C - For Personalised Use With Every Hair Typemagic Lc-Display - Appears Only During Operationspring-Mounted Hot Plates For Best Results With Just One Applicationfast Heating - Immediately Usableautomatic Safety Shut-Offtransport Lock360 Rotating Handle - For Comfortable Usage Without Twisting The Cableloop For Hanging - For Easy Storageheat Resistant Pouch For Storage220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 45 W

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Beurer Compact Air Purifier
Beurer Compact Air Purifier 

The Beurer Compact Air Purifier LR200 is not only stylish and compact but has a three layered filter system with a performance of 99.5% and a quiet function which makes it perfect for the bedroom. This purifier is perfect for allergy sufferers and features a pre-filter to clean out the larger particles like those from multi-fuel burning stoves, an activated carbon filter, which also helps with odours, and a HEPA filter for fine particles of pollen, dust, various bacteria as well as harmful gases. H.30 x W.27 x D.17.5 cm. Suitable for room sizes up to 15m2. 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.

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Beurer Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Beurer Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 

The BM35 Beurer Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to measure the blood pressure and pulse on your upper arm. Choose to display either your average value or values for the last 7 days and evenings. The monitor will identify potential disruption of the heart rhythm when measuring and, if necessary, indicates this with a symbol. This medically certified grade II blood pressure monitor is precise and easy to use. Values are automatically saved. Comes with 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries and storage bag. 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Note that standard values serve as a general guideline only, as individual blood pressure varies in different people and age groups etc.

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Beurer Hc25 Premium Travel Hair Dryer, 1600W - Black
Beurer Hc25 Premium Travel Hair Dryer, 1600W - Black 

Designed To Suit All Lifestyles. A Premium 1600W Multi Voltage Travel Hair Dryer Which Can Be Used All Around The World. Automatic Overheat Protection Insures This Is A Profession And Safe Product To Use.

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Beurer Bg39 Glass Diagnostic Bathroom Scalelarge Digital Displaybmr+Amrbf
Beurer Bg39 Glass Diagnostic Bathroom Scalelarge Digital Displaybmr+Amrbf 

Descriptionthe Beurer Bg39 Is A Quality Diagnostic Scale Designed By Our German Product Development Team. Designed With Ease Of Use In Mind The Bg39 Features A Large 2 Line Lcd Display And Incorporates Our Unique Body Fat Interpretation Pyramid. This Enables The Non-Medically Trained User To Understand Whether Their Body Fat Is Good, Average Or In Need Of Improvement. In Addition To Body Fat & Weight In Stones, Ib Or Kg The Bg39 Will Also Display Your Body Water, Muscle Percentage, Bone Mass, Amr Calorie And Will Even Politely Suggest Your Ideal Weight. The Bg39 Bathroom Scales Enable You To Store Data For More Than One Family Member With A Ten User Memory. Each User Can View The Last Two Weight Results, Making It Quick And Easy To Monitor Progress. Beurer Diagnostic Scales Measure These Important Values: Bmr + Amr Basal Metabolic Rate And Active Metabolic Rate In Kcal. Daily Calorie Consumption Varies According To Your Age, Sex, Height And Weight. Your Amr Is Your Bmr Plus The Input Of Your Activity Level. Bf Body Fat Muscle Mass Muscle Tissue Is Heavier Than Fatty Tissue. If You Exercise As Well As Dieting, You May Find That You Gain Weight Despite Eating Less. This Is Because Although You Are Burning Fat You Are Also Building Muscle Mass. Your Beurer Diagnostic Scale Will Show That You Are On The Right Path. Water Essential For The Human Body To Function Properly. Bone Mass Bones Are Subject To Natural Growth, Shrinking And Ageing Processes. Bone Mass Reaches Its Peak At The Age Of 30-40 In Both Men And Women. As We Age Our Bone Mass Then Begins To Reduce. Healthy Eating (E.g. Calcium) And Physical Exercise Can Combat The Shrinkage.specifications* Glass Diagnostic Bathroom Scales * Easy To Use Body Fat Indicator - Good/average/poor * Large 2 Line Lcd Display * Indicates Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle , Bone Mass, Amr Calories And Ideal Weight * Brushed Stainless Steel Electrodes* Included Battery Material:Glass.

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Beurer Hs40 Hair Straightner With Led Temperature Display
Beurer Hs40 Hair Straightner With Led Temperature Display 

Style Pro Hair Straightener For A New Styled And Silky Shine Hair. The Hs40 Makes Hair Straightening Extremely Gentle And Offers Sleek Hair With A Personalised Touch For Every Hair Type. Automatic Shut Off Ensures Safety Is Of The Highest Concern With This Product.

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Beurer Foldable Massaging Foot Spa
Beurer Foldable Massaging Foot Spa 

Where to store your Beurer Foot Spa after use if space is limited? Not a problem! The FB30 has a unique folding function so that the unit can be stored under beds or sofas! Our feet play a very important role throughout our lives as they have to bear our full weight - and they need care! The Beurer FB30 foot bubble bath will pamper tired, aching feet and is easy to store away. The gentle vibration massage and soothing infrared light dots will help you de-stress, ease and soothe away aches and relax tense muscles. This effect will be intensified by the bubble bath. The pedicure attachment can be used to remove calluses and can be removed for cleaning. Suitable for a shoe size of up to 45. Additional features for ease of use are a removable splash protection, non-slip rubber feet and cord storage.

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Beurer Bathroom Scale with XXL 39mm LCD
Beurer Bathroom Scale with XXL 39mm LCD 

The Beurer PS25 is a luxury personal bathroom scale with a classic design, beautifully comfortable weighing platform and a super-clear, extra-large, backlit LCD display. Its timeless pure white design will blend perfectly with most bathroom suites. The large softly-curved weighing platform and XXL 39mm digital display makes weighing comfortable and easy on the Beurer PS25. For added durability and high-quality feel, the PS25 has an interior chassis built from solid safety glass. You therefore get the best of both worlds; the warmth of the acrylic exterior with the solidity of the glass engineered interior. Displays weight readings in stones, pounds and kg. Quick-start technology and auto switch-off further enhance the unit’s ease of use. Also complete with a 5 year guarantee for added piece of mind. Beurer of Ulm, Germany was founded in 1919 and is synonymous with health and well-being. The company developed the first heating pads in Germany whilst today's range encompasses a wealth of products for health and well-being, beauty, baby care, sports, medical, diagnostic and prevention sectors. Products include heating pads, heated bedding, blood pressure and blood glucose monitors, nebulizers, clinical thermometers, personal and kitchen scales, foot spas, air humidifiers, Shiatsu massagers, baby monitors, heart rate monitors and cosmetic mirrors. Beurer GmbH is a medium sized privately owned group operating a global distribution network in more than 80 countries and currently has a workforce of over 350 people. Beurer is the European one-stop specialist for health and well-being consumer electronics products. Our success is due to our long-standing reputation for well-engineered, quality-made products; driven by innovation and safety.

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Beurer BS59 Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror - Battery Operated
Beurer BS59 Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror - Battery Operated 

2 in 1 cosmetics mirror Swivelling mirrors Normal and 5x magnification Bright LED light High-quality chrome finish Measurements: 24,5 x 28 cm Weight: 790 g Diameter of mirror 11 cm Easily fixed to the wall Incl. 4x AAA Batteries

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Beurer FC45 Facial Cleansing Brush
Beurer FC45 Facial Cleansing Brush 

The Beurer FC45 is a lightweight, portable facial brush that cleans four times better than washing your face by hand. The soft brush, rotates in two different stages, giving a deep cleanse that provides you with visibly clearer and softer skin. It's water resistant so you can use it as part of your washing routine in the shower. Illuminated ON/OFF switch. Convenient water-resistant IPX-7 - for use in the shower. Batteries required 2 x AAA (included). Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee. EAN: 4211125605506.

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Beurer Fw 20 Cosy Foot Warmer Fw20-53185
Beurer Fw 20 Cosy Foot Warmer Fw20-53185 

Re-energise and soothe tired feet with the Beurer FW 20 foot warmer. With 3 temperature settings it can be used all year round. Fight the cold in winter with the highest setting and enjoy gentle heat in the summer with the lowest- it s easy to use with the illuminated switching function. The extra soft fluffy fleece fabric lining is purposely breathable so whilst your feet are warming they won't sweat and become uncomfortable. Healthy feet are must for us all to make the most of our daily lives but are so often overlooked, now you can care for your feet at a time to suit you in the comfort of your own home. Hygiene is always a priority so don t worry about the fleecy lining either - it is detachable and you can pop it into the washing machine when you are ready to freshen it up! Comes with a 3 year guarantee - so you'll have the reassurance of this quality German brand and the promise of super-toasty warm feet. How can you resist Size: Colour:Cream

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Beurer FC72 Pureo Ionic Hydration Facial Sauna
Beurer FC72 Pureo Ionic Hydration Facial Sauna 

The Beurer FC 72 Pureo Ionic Hydration Facial Sauna offers the perfect basis for facial beauty treatment. The skin on your face is optimally prepared for further treatments, such as deep cleansing etc. At beauty salons, professionals often begin facial treatments with a steam treatment. The steam stimulates blood circulation and opens pores, allowing impurities to be removed more easily. Creates the perfect starting point for facial care. Because the pores are open, they allow beauty products such as skin creams, to penetrate deep into the skin and optimise their effectiveness. Mains operated. (not included). Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee. EAN: 4211125605056.

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Beurer IPL 10000+ Salon Pro Hair Removal System
Beurer IPL 10000+ Salon Pro Hair Removal System 

The Beurer SalonPro System IPL 10000 is a hair removal system based on clinically tested light-based IPL technology (intense pulsed light), used widely in beauty salons. IPL works by deactivating hair follicles deep under the skin, thereby providing long lasting hair removal. Suitable for use on arms, legs, bikini zone, and face. General information: The beurer salonpro system ipl 10000 targets unwanted hair with light pulses. The melanin pigments in the root of the hairs absorb the light and this creates heat. The light pulse deactivates the hair follicles deep down in the skin to prevent any further growth of the hair. This device will emit 150,000 light pulses without needing to change the cartridge – that's sufficient for 20-40 years based on average usage! . The 7cm xxl light area with integrated uv protection will let you treat areas of your body precisely and quickly. A full-body treatment with the beurer salonpro system ipl 10000 can take as little as approximately 26 minutes! . The beurer salonpro system ipl 10000 features built-in uv protection, blocking dangerous uv radiation. To protect the eyes, a built-in skin contact sensor ensures no light pulses can be emitted when the applicator is held in the air. Not suitable for dark skin. Safe for use on facial hair. Chemical free and clinically proven.

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