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Pyrex Fluted Glass Round Flan Oven Dish, Dia.24cm
Pyrex Fluted Glass Round Flan Oven Dish, Dia.24cm 

Perfect for flans, tarts and quiches, this dish is a must-have for those who love home cooking. Pyrex® Classic glass is a kitchen classic and offers a complete solution to all cookware requirements from preparation, to baking and storing. This flan dish offers easy handling, is highly resistant to thermal shock, and is stain resistant. Key Features: High Thermal Shock Resistance Stain resistant and does not retain flavours Ovenproof, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe 10 Year Guarantee against manufacturer defect Easy Cleaning

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Le Creuset Cast Iron 25cm Tatin Oven Dish, Volcanic
Le Creuset Cast Iron 25cm Tatin Oven Dish, Volcanic 

This round-shaped dish with inverted cast iron handles for easily flipping the dish is ideal for making sweet and savoury quiches, pizza, pies, tarts, gratins, cakes and crumbles. It is also suitable for roasting and because it is made of cast iron with a smooth enamelled base, it can be put directly on top of the hob too for sautéing or de-glazing sauces. Give it a try when making a tarte tatin, the famous French upside-down apple tart that lends this dish its name. The shallow shape of the dish is perfect for producing a lovely browned crust, while leaving the food beneath moist. It can also fit easily under a grill or in the top of an oven when you are still cooking a meal and need space to keep finished dishes warm. The exceptionally durable enamel finish is not only beautiful but also very easy to clean and resists chipping, staining and dulling over the life of the cookware. The sand enamel interior makes it easy to monitor food as it cooks, preventing burning and sticking, and its easy-release properties make it great for baking too. Available in Le Creuset's original, timeless, iconic Volcanic colour, it looks beautiful and stylish when serving at the table and comes with a lifetime guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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