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Shopstyle presents the best in Balenciaga men’s shoes: The selection includes both casual and elegant models for men, ideal for everyday wear. High quality leather and sturdy fabric are the basis for shoes by Balenciaga. Whichever shoe you go for, Balenciaga shoes fit into a variety of styles. Currently on trend: urban outfits that rely on classical understatement, yet are never boring. Cristóbal Balenciaga founded his international fashion label in Paris in 1937. Unstoppable, the fashion designer soon saw his label become a world-famous fashion company. Although Balenciaga hails from Spain, his label has long been considered the epitome of French haute couture. After Cristóbal Balenciaga’s death, the label continued on, focusing on pret-a-porter fashion collections and cementing their status as an integral part of the fashion world. The exquisite shoe designs from the house of Balenciaga have long been coveted by men and women all over the world. Each Balenciaga shoe come with the guarantee of exclusivity and quality, embodied by the fashion label. Complementing the stylish garments from their own menswear collections, Balenciaga men’s shoes are true haute couture products with exceptional elegance. The latest collections are focussing on youthful, contemporary style with colourful and sturdy leisurewear shoes that stand out with their characteristic white soles. Trendsetters and traditionalists alike will appreciate the timeless footwear created by Balenciaga. Although many men choose Balenciaga shoes primarily for formal occasions, the line of comfortable sneaker models are ideal for everyday use and give you the added comfort of knowing you are walking in style. Discover the special design features of Balenciaga men’s shoes here on Shopstyle and give your feet a well-earned stylish break.
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