Jaeger Mouline Knitted Gloves Jaeger Mouline Knitted Gloves

About me Bid farewell to freezing fingers – these Mouline Knitted Gloves are a stylish way to look good when temperatures dip. In a warm cosy wool-cashmere blend they've been hand-crafted with a leather trim and are just the thing for strapping men-about-town. How I fit Handcrafted gloves Leather cuff trim detail Care for me Fabric Composition 73% Wool 25% Cashmere 2% Leather

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Jaeger Touch Leather Classic Gloves Jaeger Touch Leather Classic Gloves

About me There are gloves and then there are smartphone-friendly gloves handcrafted in Italy from buttery soft leather and lined with a wool-cashmere blend. These are the latter by the way and they're the warmest best-looking pair we can think of. Never let your hands feel the nip of jack frost again. How I fit Touch leather glove for touch screen devices Lining: 50% cashmere 50% wool Handcrafted gloves made in Italy Care for me Fabric Composition 50% Leather 25% Cashmere 25% Wool

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