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When it comes to shoes and boots, American lifestyle brand Timberland is the label to go to. Steadfastly producing quality footwear for men, the American label has become one of the top makers of durable yet fashion-conscious footwear. Bestseller: “Yellow Boot”. Since 1973, this waterproof ankle boot has been a staple of wardrobes for fashion-conscious and casual men. Designed and developed in New Hampshire, the boots have also been a huge success in Europe and around the world.
The success of Timberland boots is easily explained - high production values! In addition to leather and rubber soles, Timberlands come with soft suede details and robust canvas material. And the attention to detail and high-quality materials doesn’t stop there: The laces of Timberland boots are made from organic cotton.
While classic yellow and beige varieties dominate the range of Timberland boots, the popular men’s footwear also comes in black and gray, green and blue, and occasionally use white colour accents. Thanks to the comfortable design and the spotless look, Timberland boots are not just mere practical activewear, but a style statement for casual and active men.
Enjoy your Timberland boots for walks with your dog, on hikes through mountains and valleys, or on a meet with your mates! The simple, honest design combined with the quality workmanship make Timberland Boots an irreplaceable companion!