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FoodSaver Automated Vacuum Sealer with Integrated Roll Storage
FoodSaver Automated Vacuum Sealer with Integrated Roll Storage

Oxygen and moisture in the air causes food to degrade which leads to a loss of flavour, nutritional value and texture. Standard storage containers and plastic wrap can add to this problem by trapping air inside. The FoodSaver Automated Vacuum Sealer removes air to prevent it from reaching your food while keeping food fresher for up to 5 times longer. The easy to use system enables you to vacuum seal your food so it can be stored in the fridge, freezer or pantry. It can then be boiled in a pan to re-heat or cook, placed in the microwave or placed in a water bath for Sous-Vide cooking. The vertical design enables the system to sit on the kitchen worktop so it doesn’t take up valuable workspace. To use the vacuum sealer simply put your food into a bag roll or accessory and insert the opened end into the machine. The unit will automatically detect an open bag then begin the vacuum process. Automatic liquid protection will fine tune the vacuum speed based on the moisture level of the food to ensure liquid is kept locked into the food. When all the LED lights on the system are out, your vacuum sealed food can be removed from the system. Delicate food may not need the air to be removed from the bag, so the FoodSaver features a CrushfreeTM function to keep food airtight. – A.D. Key Features: Vertical design to save countertop space Hands free operation Automatic bag detection Auto-liquid detection Marinate mode Built-in retractable accessory hose Integrated bag opener LED progress lights 2 speed settings Automatic vacuum and seal operation 2 sealing levels for moist and dry food Seal only function for fragile foods Canister mode Built-in roll storage & cutter CrushFree instant seal Double wide sealing strip for a strong seal Removable dishwasher safe drip tray

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