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Fashion World Beach & Pool For Kids

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Fashion World Clearwater Pool Starter Kit
Fashion World Clearwater Pool Starter Kit 

Bestway Clearwater Swimming Pool Starter Kit is great for transforming a grimy pool into a clean and healthy swimming environment. Even if your pool looks like sin and smells like a bin, the chemicals contained in the starter kit will work their magic and make it sparkle. Contains a 500g container of rapid-dissolving Chlorine Granules, which disinfect pool water, eliminate bacteria and kill harmful organisms by producing Free Active Chlorine (FAC). The starter kit also includes a 500ml bottle of Algaecide, which prevents the build-up of algae and produces clearer, cleaner and healthier water. Twenty-five swimming pool Test Strips are also included, which can be used to check that the alkalinity, chlorine and pH levels of pool water are suitable for swimming. PH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6. To maintain a consistent pH balance the starter kit contains a 500g container of pH Plus and a 700g container of pH Minus, which can decrease or increase pH levels. As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be followed extremely carefully. Thankfully the kit contains a Pool Treatment Guide and is clearly labelled with all the necessary precautions. Alternatively, you can find detailed information about pool chemicals on the Bestway Pool Chemical Advice page.

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Fashion World Bestway Interactive Crab Pool
Fashion World Bestway Interactive Crab Pool 

The Interactive Crab Play Pool by Bestway will liven up your garden! Kids will love this unique paddling pool! Simply connect a water sprayer to a garden hose and have children step on the floor in the middle of the pool to have water jet at random from the four water spraying claws. The other claws double as a fun ring toss game, with four included PVC ring tosses, providing another way to play. This play pool also comes with an easy-to-use drain valve and repair kit to make maintenance a breeze. Rest assured that this pool is made with sturdy, pre-tested vinyl and safety valves for safe fun. Adult supervision required at all times when children are using the pool.

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Fashion World Bestway 12 Foot Fast Set Pool Cover
Fashion World Bestway 12 Foot Fast Set Pool Cover 

Debris cover protects against the sun and will stop leaves and debris landing in the pool. Made of PE material. Includes ropes to secure cover in place.

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Fashion World Bestway Turtle Totz Play Pool
Fashion World Bestway Turtle Totz Play Pool 

Bring your little one out of their shell with the Bestway Turtle Totz Play Pool! Youngsters can enjoy safe fun whilst cooling off on hot summer days. The fun, eye-catching design even doubles as an inflatable sun shade for extra protection from sun rays (in addition to sun cream!). This play pool has a soft inflatable floor, providing extra comfort whilst kids splash around. In case of any unexpected accidents, a handy repair patch is included in the package so the fun doesn’t have to stop!

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