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A DKNY handbag – the dream of many women. It is easy to see why. Donna Karan has been a stalwart of the US design scene since her beginnings in the 1980s. The epitome of minimalist and pared-back style, the New York-based designer led the world out of the frilly 1980s into a future that focussed on the essentials: Forget about busy patterns and exuberant embellishments, it's all about a classic cut, the finest materials and the utmost comfort of the wearer. DKNY is Donna Karan's second line of fashion and design, and to this day the DKNY designs are characterised by the understatement of the designer. Karan's favourite colour is black – a preference that is reflected by the lack of screaming colours in the DKNY handbag collection. Simple is best – blacks, whites, shades of grey, muted pastels and primary colours such as red and blue dominate the selection. You will find bags for any occasion among DKNY designs. Roomy handbags that will fit your purse, diary and the usual assortment of essentials, elegant evening clutches for your change and your compact, or satchel-style bags that will keep you equipped with your iPad and notebook when you are heading to a business meeting. Match your outfit in colour and style – from soft shoulderbags for the casual outfit, sturdy flap bag allrounders and elegant clutches with the DKNY logo the only adornment, to quilted leather crossbody bags with gold chain straps for formal occasions. Many DKNY handbags come with double straps, allowing for different carrying options, creating new looks and levels of comfort, no matter where you are. Zip fastenings ensure that the contents of your handbag stay safe – and private. Inside dividers keep your diary, purse and compact in a place where you can find them. Desperate searches for a handkerchief or a pen are a thing of the past! Logo lining makes sure that even the inside of your DKNY handbag is “dressed in style”. Whatever the style, DKNY handbags have two things in common: They are made from premium leather so buttery soft, you will not be able to keep your hands off them. And they display a craftsmanship that will guarantee you years of durability. An affordable luxury item for women who appreciate design and value quality workmanship, a DKNY handbag is an investment that will accessorise your look for years to come.
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