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There is nothing frilly about Michael Kors style. If you have seen his handbags - and you must have, because they are everywhere - you know his style: clean lines. Straightforward designs that are pleasing in geometrical shapes and reward the eye with simple symmetry and beautiful craftsmanship. Michael Kors takes the same design principles and applies them to his collection of accessories. This is where gorgeous metals meet unfussy design. The result is a timeless collection of jewellery pieces that are on trend today - but will remain fashionable thanks to the elegant shapes and gorgeous details. A statement on your wrist Bracelets from Michael Kors’ jewellery collection are breathtaking statement pieces. Available in rose, gold and silver tones, these precious items can be worn for any occasion, whether they be formal or casual. The use of stainless steel makes these bracelets particularly durable. Yet you do not have to do without glamour - simple bands of steel are upgraded with sparkling zirconia gems and daintily dangling pendant embellishments. Beside chunkier statement pieces Michael Kors places delicate beaded bracelets that are ideal for wearing in pairs or threes - or even combined with one of the chunkier bracelets. Logo-lock charm bracelets bridge the gap between traditional jewellery and contemporary design. A particular favourite: Any Michael Kors bracelet that comes with a small stylised lock. Complement your Michael Kors handbag by wearing a bracelet from the collection here on Shopstyle.
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