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Vivienne Westwood is “style with a smile” – and a surprise. The 'mother of punk' brings her inimitible style to a range of jewelry that presents you necklace designs you have never seen before. They may look dainty at first sight – a delicate gold chain with a sparkling diamanté pendant, a silver collier with dangling chain, a dash of colour on a fragile necklace. But look again – they are Westwood's iconic logo, or a silver skeleton suspended from a necklace, or a tiny ice cream lolly. Why should humour not also make its way into precious jewelry? Vivienne Westwood necklaces prove that you can be stylish and irreverent at the same time. Jewelry by the Queen of Fashion After all, Vivienne Westwood is the uncrowned Queen of fashion. And her jewelry collection reflects her status as fashion royalty. The British designer established her label in London in 1981. Her first collection created an international sensation with the never before seen pirate styles and the nod to then-contemporary punk look thanks her hallmark plaid design. If you don't want to go all out bondage-punk style, check our Vivienne Westwood online collection where you can choose from her trendy jewelry that gives you the edge of a Westwood look – at second glance. Vivienne Westwood jewelry is characterised by the trademark coolness of the British top designer: Based on iconic historical elements that are reminiscent of the precious items that kings and queens adorned themselves with in times long ago, the Westwood trademark orb will elevate you to a royal fashionista. Vivienne Westwood combines modern style with traditional elements to create an exciting new look. From glamorous necklaces with funky red lips as a pendant, to a cheeky skeleton dangling from a silver chain, jewelry by Vivienne Westwood is dead on trend, guaranteed. Punk up Your Designer Outfit The stylish jewelry by Vivienne Westwood adds a designer touch and a trendy look to any garment. Combine a delicate necklace with a plain turtleneck to let the design stand out. Extravagant designs such as the small skeletons will look spectacular on your cleavage – even if you don't wear a Westwood dress but a classically elegant gown by Versace. The trendy designer jewelry also matches extremely well with casual sportswear or with avantgarde fashion from the likes of Alexander McQueen or Comme des Garcons. Outstanding, special, spectacular: Vivienne Westwood jewelery is the eye-catcher that completes any look! Stylish necklaces from the Vivienne Westwood jewelry line masterfully combine the mix of styles from different eras, in different colours and with vairous styles. Accentuate your feminine and playful side with cute hearts and dainty swallow pendants. Or display your eccentricity with safety pins suspended from precious metal chains – these are charming trinkets that have a style that you will not find at any other brand. Vivienne Westwood jewelry is affordable and yet luxury - made with precious metals and based on original, unique designs.

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