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Casual, trendy, unusual. Guess mixes European style with American coolness. Founded by the European-born brothers Marciano in California, Guess combines in their design American and European elements, resulting in truly innovative style. The clean lines of their fashionable denim collections quickly made Guess one of the most successful labels of the 1980s. And the innovation did not stop with the clothes. Guess quickly became one of the most popular jeans jeans brands in the '80s, due to their – now iconic – advertising campaigns. Associated with the rise of the “supermodels”, the provocative black and white images of the advertising campaigns shot by top photographers were ground-breaking and raised the level of awareness for the brand as much as for models like Claudia Schiffer or Anna Nicole Smith. The extraordinary success of the brand in the '80s – a pair of Guess denims were a must for the wardrobe of a fashion-conscious woman in the US and Europe – there was a short period of calm around the label in the '90s. In the new millenium, Guess burst back on the scene, proving once again that there was still life in the brand. A new line catapulted Guess back on the pages of the leading fashion magazines, proving that good design will always come out on top. With over 30 years of experience under their belt, Guess nowadays is an established design label that will ensure you are on trend if you choose from their collection. Guess on Your Arm Guess what? Trend label Guess does not only make casual designer clothes. You can wear Guess style on your arm. Or over your shoulder, for that matter, as Guess Bags offer an amazing range of designs from classical variations in nudes and muted colours, to luxurious geometrical patterns. You can be sure you will find the perfect Guess bag for you if you look around among the huge variety of Guess bags in the Shopstyle selection on this site. The extremely popular Guess bags are reinterpreted for every collection in every season, and can be combined with matching purses or Guess accessories. A pretty summer dresses by Guess looks even better with a chic handbag in trendy shades of nude, or with a splash of colour via a roomy shoulder bag. And if you are a fan of the iconic jeans by Guess, you can combine them with a casual cross-body bag, ready for a trip down the beach. Sexy and cool style comes with a Guess bag. No Guesswork When it Comes to Quality Guess bags do not just convince with top design. All bags are characterised by high-quality craftsmanship with carefully sewn seams and outstanding durability, a combination that has guaranteed the label's success since its foundation. With its high-quality finish, a Guess bag will not just enhance any outfit – it will also fit discreetly into a designer look created with other labels' clothes. Combine your Guess bag with a DKNY outfit, match your Guess bag with footwear by Ted Baker. The classic lines and understated design so typical for Guess will perfectly coordinate with your outfit and fit in with the look you are trying to create. Guess bags are versatile and coordinate without jarring with other labels. A Bag for All Sizes – and Occasions Guess bags come in all sizes, from teeny-tiny strap bags and clutches for an evening out with not much more than a bit of change and your compact on hand, to much larger boho bags, duffles, totes and backpacks which will provide sufficient space for an extended shopping tour. Guess has the bag for any occasion. Accessorise with Guess Jewellery, and match your bag with a purse or wallet to complete your style. The only question will be, how many Guess bags you can carry at any one time. You don't have to dress head to toe in Guess – the label is famous for its diversity that allows you to enhance your personal style by adding selected Guess designs of your choice in your look. Beside the large selection of Guess clothing, Guess bags are available worldwide. The Shopstyle online shop for Guess is your gateway to the highlights of the Guess bag collections!


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