Roaring twenties

Monochrome and garnet red shades to tie in with the flapper aesthetic. Jewellery is opulent but must follow simple geometric forms in design - long beads, large round cocktail rings and chandelier drop earrings. The cape can be a good contrast with the dress in texture (feather) or colour (white or ivory). Head dress can be worn either at one side, over the hair or down the parting and over the hair. If you feel wild go for an all out crown! Gloves were ubiquitous and shoes became more important as hemlines rose so they were more often matched and tied in with the look than the pre-1920s had required. Also hair followed the line of the head rather than the excesses - of the hair pieces and hair styles piled on top of the head - of the late Victorian period. Keeping hair more fluid in styles which emanate from the classical greek and roman periods was where the headresses came in - they kept hair flat and natural but were also playful and decorative. Also probably more comfortable and naturally beautiful, like the more relaxed dress styles. Women dispensed with their corsets and hair pieces, wigs and backcombed elaborate 'dos' so the whole look is more sensual and body aware. I think to update the look to now you could introduce an almost neo-gothic make up or just add in a modern fabric like leather snakeskin gloves. Above all it has a rebel edge so have fun!