Fall Blue & Green

Welcome to "The Madcap Heiress Lookbook." We cordially invite you to view our personal styling lookbook and our irreverently elegant freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal jewelry line. Please put on your driving gloves and slippers. And let's go for a madcap whirl of a ride!

Madcap Heiress is a jewelry collection that I designed in 2006. I was inspired by a series of baubled visions and a desire to live a footloose and fancy free life. I dreamed of excitement and cultural exchange with different eras and different peoples, moving effortlessly through time to the great cultural and historic events. So, I imagined my own time traveling devices, jewelry pieces keyed to a mystical, magical form of time travel. Imagine if you will, if you could just go at a moment's notice on a magic carpet ride to any time, any place in history. Just escape the mundane world, the difficult economic times. And bring beauty, refinement, grace and enlightenment wherever you traveled. I longed to be such a madcap heiress in another place, another time. So, I traveled through time and brought back my visions of enchanted jewelry to you! I hope as you wear these pieces or peruse our custom lookbooks, you'll travel within a heartbeat to the wilds of the African jungle or the remote mountains of Shangri-La or New Year's Eve in Paris. And live your life FREE.

Please visit us! http://www.madcapheiress.com

We look forward to having fashionable fun with you!

See you in the stars!

Always Madcap,
A'esha Miller "The Madcap Heiress"