SavvySav's Basic Instincts Party

I have several basic instincts that have become quite apparent over the past few months since I have joined SS:

1. I have a pretty ridiculous obsession with ruffles. Really. Look at my stuff and you'll see. I need ruffle rehab.

2. You can't go wrong with black or white, but if neither are an option pink, red, or purple are always good. I try to expand my horizons on SS because at home this rule is very strong.

3. Whether it's a metallic shoe or a piece of jewelry, something should be sparkly and shimmer.

4. I am always wanting to put something in my hair! I think it's from having big 80's hair (back in the 80's of course) and ever since then I feel like something's missing!

5. I love clutches on SS. In real life I use enormous bags that really double as a diaper bag or as my 3 year old makes me call it a "big girl gutchie" bag. I would lose a clutch if I tried using one now.

6. I want to put a dress in every look. When you see me make something on here that does not involve a dress just know that it was very hard for me.

7. I love anything vintage and whimsical. Sometimes it's scary to have a sense of humor and try to be stylish at the same time...

8. No look is complete without a fragrance. (Well most looks anyway.) I can't help it. Perfume bottles are little works of art.

So thanks Savvy for the great party and the opportunity to analyze myself! It's been fun! The Leiber Pink Crystal Ascher Cut Diamond Solid Perfume is for you!