Miss Bea Heyvin's 200th Look Pet Party

Happy 200th Miss Bea! I love your S/B - always witty and amusing, and this is such a good idea for a party!

This pampered persian puss is Amber, who I lost last year after having had her for only two years. She was rescued from a cat home in a terrible state, her tear ducts didn't produce tears so her eyes needed drops three times a day otherwise they got infected and crusted up. She had sensitive skin and her coat needed constant shampooing and brushing. And she had lost all her teeth. Poor girl.

But she was loving and loyal, and would sit purring on my lap all day if I had let her! And of course, her other favourite place was moulting all over my cashmere sweaters...

I miss her.

But Miss Bea - the cushions and cashmere throw are for you! xx