The Future Isn't Over Yet.

After the futuristic trends had pretty much disappeared, along comes Kirkwood with these stunner platforms.

Every since the first time I saw Kirkwood's designs, I have thought he was a genius. He has never let me down!

I think my obsession for shoes has boomed recently, I keep finding dresses and skirts and trying them on simply because "OMG they would look so good with my shoes"
On that note, I would like to make a dedication to my favourite 'babies'... (Only those who have known me for a long time will understand my OTTness :P)

First-bought-first: My Zara studded strappy platforms. These shoes were love at first sight. It took a while but I eventually found them in my size in the 3rd country I saw them in. I have yet to find a more amazing pair of studded platforms.

SEDOND: My purple platforms. The only heels I own that don't have black on them. These dark purple babies add colour to my much loved LBDs and work great with my mum's old purple top (which i wear unbuttoned as a jacket) which had shoulder pads

THIRD: My metallic silver/black platforms. The reason I bought my sequined boob tube dress. This dress was a fantastic find. I got it at this store called Supre which often is total pre-teen but if you look hard enough you can strike gold. Or sequins.

Last but not least: My YSL Troopers. There's nothing else to say. I bought my formal dress today solely to match these babies. If you look a few looks down you will see my dedication to them.

X Olivia